&Typhorn (サクメイ Sakumei) is a legendary monster in the Asia region Typhorn can be obtained after the main story is completed and the player takes a Mystic Fragment to the altar in the Takalmakan zone. The Mystic Fragment is located in the Great Barrier Reef in Oceania, near a chest just after the shrine.

Typhorn's description is: "Known as kind and noble monsters. Only the pure at heart can ever come across them."

Typhorn's catagories are Cool, Scary and Big.

Also,this might be the hardest legendary monster to capture so,TRY not to get mad if you can`t catch it in the 1st 100 tries.Try catching it with a Cuboom which has the skill Sand* but be careful as you might run past it without noticing.

Tryphorn can run at a max of 42 mph on sand and it looks like half giraffe and a horse


Typhorn is the only Legendary monsters that can learn tow different terrain abilities that is ⊙ Sand and ○ Grass