Rainbeau (ウングルUngur) is the legendary monster in the Oceania region.


Rainbeaus have long white snake-like bodies, a dragon-shaped head with blue streaks at the end, two horns, long whiskers, and a rainbow colored tail. Their gem is located on their chest which is dark blue in color. Rainbeaus, though resembling eastern dragons have arms with slightly pointed ends; but they do not have feet (since they move around by floating).


Rainbeau can be obtained after the main story is completed and the player takes a rainbow fragement to the altar in the Great Barrier Reef zone. They are encountered at LV 50. The rainbow fragment can be located in Mount Etna in Europe, right before the shrine.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Rainbeaus are one of the only few monsters and the only legendary that can float; which means that it is not affected by any terrain. This advantage becomes a disadvantage also because it cannot 'run' faster in any area compared to other monsters.

They are normally fast but do not possess a lot of power; yet because of their high level they can outrun most of the monsters in the game.


In Aboriginal mythology, the Yurlungur is a great copper snake that is said to bring the rains and rainbows.

Rainbeau is the only Legendary monster that the Turbo isn't attacking the enemies,beside their Turbo is a teleport.